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The Walter Burley Griffin Society of America
is proud to announce the publication of


By Paul Kruty
With a contribution by Paul E. Sprague 

“To create a new public architecture for America, Griffin turned for inspiration to the origins of architecture, on the one hand, and contemporary technology and practice on the other.  His solution resulted in one of the most important statements of contemporary architecture to emerge from the theories of Louis Sullivan and the experiments of the Prairie School.”

Written by Paul Kruty, with an analysis of the landscape plan by Paul E. Sprague, the book is the first monograph on Griffin’s major public building in the United States.  Historian of the Prairie School H. Allen Brooks called the Stinson Library  “a brilliant design and a fitting climax to Griffin’s American career,” while Sullivan/Wright scholar Paul Sprague pronounced it “one of America’s greatest architectural treasures.”  Yet there has never been a detailed examination of this extraordinary monument.

Drawing on the priceless collection of letters and documents surviving at the library, Prof. Kruty recounts the story of the commission, design, construction and reception of the building.  He then sets it in the contexts of Griffin’s career, the public library in America, and the architect’s intention to create a Modern representational public architecture.  Along the way, Kruty provides new details about Griffin’s office staff in 1912-14, the contributions of Marion Mahony Griffin to the design, and the role of the general contractor, Paul F. P. Mueller—the person responsible for the actual construction of more of the great buildings produced by Sullivan and the Prairie School than any other individual, including, in addition to the Stinson Memorial Library, Adler & Sullivan’s Schiller Building and such works by  Frank Lloyd Wright as the Larkin Building, Unity Temple, and Midway Gardens.
Walter Burley Griffin and the Stinson Memorial Library sells for $25, plus p & h, with a 20% discount price for Griffin Society members.  68 pages, with 60 black & white illustrations.  ISBN: 0-9793588-1-7

Published by the Walter Burley Griffin Society of America. 1152 Center Drive,
St. Louis, MO  63117.   Wbgsociety@charter.net     www.wbgriffinsociety.org

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Other Publications...

Marion Mahony and Millikin Place
by Paul Kruty and Paul E. Sprague


The Walter Burley Griffin Society Of America has just released a new book:
Marion Mahony and Millikin Place: Creating a Prairie School Masterpiece, written by Paul Kruty and Paul E. Sprague. Price: $29.95

The book tells the tale of the creation of a private street in central Illinois. It does so in a variety of ways: by examining the history of the site, the record of the design and construction, and the lives of the owners and architects who made it possible. This narrative - the development of a district on the west side of Decatur and its ramifications for the architectural world well beyond its borders - brings together three of the greatest modern architects practicing in early 20th century Chicago: Frank Lloyd Wright, Marion Lucy Mahony, and Walter Burley Griffin. Nearly every page contains factual material never before published, while much of the rest is to be found only in a wide range of obscure sources. Here for the first time a complete account of Millikin Place and its legacy are available in a single volume.

The book, Marion Mahony and Millikin Place, is available directly from the Walter Burley Griffin Society Of America. You can order your copies by contacting Peter Griffin (wbgsociety@charter.net).

OR... You can also pay for the book using PayPal. Members of the Society receive a 20% discount on the book. The member price is $23.95, plus $6.00 for shipping and handling, for a total of $29.95. Simply click on the button below to purchase the book.

If you are not a member of the Walter Burley Griffin Society Of America, you can purchase the book for $35.95 ($29.95 plus $6.00 for shipping and handling) by clicking on the button below.

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